3fr to X3f = EZ

There is a fundamental problem with digital media.  That problem is file formats!

I spend a good amount of time working with videos, photographs, audio, vectors, website development, as well as too much time with presentation software, ebooks, fonts, spreadsheets etc etc.  Each of these applications requires multiple programs and various computing platforms, none of which play well together.  I don’t care if you teach higher education multi-media production or 1st grade english, you have without a doubt seen this message or one like it.



The typical workflow would go something like this:  Google both file formats, open the original file in some obscure software that will read it, try to export it into a different file format, upload new exported file into the correct software, hope it works.

Until Cloud Convert (https://www.cloudconvert.com). Cloud Convert allows you to ‘convert anything to anything’. It supports over 200 formats, everything from 3fr to vsd.  Change ebook formats, PC files to Mac, image formats from brand to brand, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.

There is a free version, as well as a paid version, however the free version is enough for most small daily tasks.


definitely a tool to keep in your bookmarks!

Evernote 4 eva

Evernote is a fantastic tool for note taking.  Let me start again…

Evernote is a fantastic tool for solving all of lifes problems.  Ya that feels better.

I have been an Evernote user since 20008, and I have always loved it.  At first I used it simply for jotting down notes on my Blackberry.  I then moved on to using the voice recording, photos, searching, folders, scanning documents, scanning business cards and automatically connecting with the contacts on Linkedin (pretty sweet I know).  However, about a year ago I purchased a Surface Pro 3 (now rockin the Surface Pro ) and I began using Micr0soft Onenote for various reasons, but mostly the touch screen and pen support.  While Onenote is fantastic for any document you may need pen support in, I slowly began to miss certain features of Evernote.  I attempted to supplement Onenote with various task management apps, reminder apps, business card scanner apps, voice recorder apps…then it hit me, WHY DONT I JUST USE EVERNOTE!

Long story short, there is not a perfect note taking app, however Evernote does lead the pack.  It is incredibly intuitive, handles task management and reminders like a pro, the built in scanner app is second to none, and its cross platforn any system you can throw at it.  The one thing (and it is indeed a big thing) is the lack of Surface Pen support.  I know use both note taking apps for various things.  Any time I know I will need to use my handy Surface Pen, I bust out Onenote, and using a handy IFTT recipe, that Onenote gets sent to my Evernote.


Go ahead and give Evernote a try if you havent yet.  It’s pretty much a game changer.