Gotta Catch ’em all


Pokémon Go has invaded social media, the streets, restaurants, my backyard, and yes, even education.  Over the last week I have seen a high number of Twitter posts regarding Pokémon go in the classroom.  What I think is interesting (and fantastic) is how educators are embracing this phenomenon as opposed to lambasting it.  The tweets coming out of the educational realm are not about how to stop students from playing at school, instead, educators are posting about how to use Pokémon Go in the classroom.  A Twitter search of #Edtech #Pokemongo will bring up hundreds of Tweets, articles, tips and resources for integrating Pokémon Go into curriculum.  Teachers, Educational magazines, and students, are writing articles with titles such as, “What Pokémon Go means for the learning industry,” “Here are 3 ways Pokémon Go can create meaningful learning opportunities,” “Everything teachers need to know about Pokémon Go.”  I love seeing how most educators do not see Pokémon Go as a distraction, but as a learning tool.  Teachers are sharing tips for how to use the game one school starts up again.  Matthew Farber, author of Gamify your Classroom shares, “..use the game to get students to explore and research important historic Poké Stops near their home or school.”  These are the teachers who will make a difference, the teachers that students will remember and look forward to attending their class, these are the same type of teachers who let me read comic books during reading time, because at least I was reading and enjoying it, not just sleeping behind a book.  Gamifying the classroom in any way will help students become more engaged, when something like Pokémon Go can easily be used to help gamify the classroom, embrace it, and more power to the teachers who already have!