The PROCESS: Step #1

Create a presentation using an online presentation software(In Powerpoint Online, Google Slides, Sway, Prezi, etc), and include the following information as listed below.  Define the ten most essential photographic composition techniques (one technique per slide):

1.Rule of Thirds

2.Lines/Leading Lines

3.Angle/Viewpoint/Vantage Point

4.Framing Your Shot


6.Balance/Symmetry (and Patterns)

7.Rule of Odds

8.Fill the Frame


10.Leaving Space/Lead Room

Use ONLY the following Website as your resources for learning about composition:

Nearpod Presentation on Photography and Media

Digital Photography Composition Tips

18 Composition Rules for Photos that Shine

10 Important Tips to Improve Composition in Your Photos

5 Elements of Composition in Photography

10 Top Photography Composition Rules

The PROCESS: Step #2

 For each of the above ten photographic composition techniques:

  1.     Provide a definition

The PROCESS: Step #3

Use your own camera or check out a school camera and practice the above techniques.

Spend your time concentrating on only 5 of the above 10 composition techniques and choose your top 2 photos of each technique (10 final photos in total).

 Step #1.  10 photos (2 for each of 5 compositions techniques) should be chosen.

Step #2. Download and save your photos onto your computer. Edt them and add to the appropriate slide in your presentation.

The PROCESS: Step #4

Provide a reflection of this activity by including an additional slide in your PPT on which you explain in a paragraph or two what you learned.