Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the act of “living,” or interacting with technology, specifically the internet. To be a good digital citizen you must understand how the internet works, current issues associated with internet users, and behave in a way that enhances the quality of the internet for everyone connected. A good digital citizen will behave in a virtuous manner towards others. This includes refraining from being disrespectful to others, respecting others digital property, create appropriate content and share knowledge to help others. They will also take care to continue stay up to date with digital technology and be responsible of their own digital footprint. This includes understanding digital security and the risks of online payments, taking care of one’s own digital identity, being aware of one’s digital health and not over relying on technology or the internet, and knowing the health risks of overuse.


Below I have put together a list of resources to help you discover more about Digital Citizenship.

Digital Citizenship: Student Resources

  1. Microsoft Digital Literacy Site
    • Microsoft’s own site to help with Digital Literacy.  Lessons for those who are highly experienced, as well as those who are new to computers.
  2. PBS Nova Labs
    • PBS has developed a role playing game where you must run the cybersecurity division of a tech company.  A great learning environment for learning cyber defenses and how best to use the internet safely.
  3. Stay Safe Online
    • A great site for a few more advanced ideas, lessons and games that teach you about Malware and Botnets, Spam and Phishing techniques, Hacked accounts, and securing your home network.
  4. Internet Propaganda and website framing
    • Can you trust everything you read on the internet? Of course not! This gives many examples of how websites can frame information for their own agenda.
  5. Digital Games for Safety
    • Videos, Games, Comics, and Quizzes that all teach internet safety and Digital Citizenship.
  6. Digital Citizenship
    • This site offers resources for Primary School, Secondary School, and parents.  Videos, games, learning activities, and more.

Digital Citizenship: Parent/Teacher Resources

  1. RadCab
    • RadCab has many resources for online preparedness, as well as an assessment tool to test online readiness.
  2. Digital Literacy . Gov
    • The US Governments own resource for Digital Literacy.   Free training in basic computer skills, digital literacy assessments, news, and fantastic list of resources for teachers and parents.
  3. Common Sense Media
    • Common Sense Media is the GO TO resource for digital literacy and digital citizenship.  This particular page is all about internet safety and it’s all broken down by age group.
  4. PBS Parents
    • Find tips and strategies for raising children in a digital age.  Broken down by age and milestone, this site has plenty of teaching and learning resources for home and the classroom.
  5. CyberWise
    • With a motto “No Parent Left Behind” this site is geared towards parents looking to educate themselves in digital literacy.  Many tools, articles, and resources for teacher and parent education.
  6. Wired Safety
    • An updated list of articles in blog format to help parents and teachers stay up to date with the state of internet safety.
  7. Google Training
    • Googles own training resource in digital literacy and digital citizenship.