Digital Citizenship: Student Resources


  1. Microsoft Digital Literacy Site
    • Microsoft’s own site to help with Digital Literacy.  Lessons for those who are highly experienced, as well as those who are new to computers.
  2. PBS Nova Labs
    • PBS has developed a role playing game where you must run the cybersecurity division of a tech company.  A great learning environment for learning cyber defenses and how best to use the internet safely.
  3. Stay Safe Online
    • A great site for a few more advanced ideas, lessons and games that teach you about Malware and Botnets, Spam and Phishing techniques, Hacked accounts, and securing your home network.
  4. Internet Propaganda and website framing
    • Can you trust everything you read on the internet? Of course not! This gives many examples of how websites can frame information for their own agenda.
  5. Digital Games for Safety
    • Videos, Games, Comics, and Quizzes that all teach internet safety and Digital Citizenship.
  6. Digital Citizenship
    • This site offers resources for Primary School, Secondary School, and parents.  Videos, games, learning activities, and more.