Video Conferencing options that are not from Google..and also not free

Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect has an impressive list of features that allow us to put on impressive webinars or recorded lessons. The features that made Adobe Connect standout from the rest are:

  1. Adobe connect is a bit confusing compared to simpler offerings such as Google Hangouts.  In my experiences with Adobe connect, it was easy to use as a viewer, yet a bit more difficult to use as the meeting initiator.  Like many Adobe products, Connect has a myriad of tools, options, and plugins.  While these do give the users more ways to use Connect, it creates for a more complicated user interface.  That being said, most students and teachers should be able to use the basic features with ease.
  2. Why would teachers and students be motivated to use Adobe connect?  The real-time collaboration is the key use for Adobe Connect.  While Hangouts On Air from Google may be free, it is far more glitchy than the paid Adobe Connect.  Reliability for many users and long sessions is great for classes or study sessions.
  3. Pros
  • Complete mobile collaboration
  • Rich multimedia options
  • Video conferencing integration
  • Real ­time collaboration with presenters
  • Invitation and privilege management
  • Breakout rooms to focus discussion
  • Broad set of collaboration capabilities

4. Cons

  • Monthly Fee (higher than most)
  • Many features may make it more complicated for basic use
  • No dial in feature for VOIP calls




  1. Usability: ClickMeetings is the easiest and most user-friendly video conferencing software I have used. The layout is clean and simple, and while feature rich, ClickMeeting is not bogged down by too many options.  I think ClickMeetings would be incredibly easy for teachers and students to use for distance learning, group meetings, or any other need for video conferencing.
  2. Motivation:  If teachers want a simple way to video conference with a class, or students want to meet with a work group, ClickMeetings is a great way to do it. People can join via a VOIP call, Mobile apps, desktop apps, browser, and hop onto a call easily from anywhere.  ClickMeetings has a chat option that allows live translation.  For a multi-lingual class, ClickMeetings is intuitive and would be incredibly helpful.
  3. Pros: What are the benefits of using this app? (for teachers? for students?)
    • Ease of use
    • Translation
    • Screen sharing
    • Private chat
    • Mobile Apps
    • Webinar online storage
    • Social media sharing
    • Multiple Presenters
  4. Cons: What are the downsides or limitations of using this app?
    • Not Free
    • Toll Free Conference calls not available
    • No phone support for problems
    • HD video is additional cost.
    • Over 100 viewers is additional cost.




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