Evernote 4 eva

Evernote is a fantastic tool for note taking.  Let me start again…

Evernote is a fantastic tool for solving all of lifes problems.  Ya that feels better.

I have been an Evernote user since 20008, and I have always loved it.  At first I used it simply for jotting down notes on my Blackberry.  I then moved on to using the voice recording, photos, searching, folders, scanning documents, scanning business cards and automatically connecting with the contacts on Linkedin (pretty sweet I know).  However, about a year ago I purchased a Surface Pro 3 (now rockin the Surface Pro ) and I began using Micr0soft Onenote for various reasons, but mostly the touch screen and pen support.  While Onenote is fantastic for any document you may need pen support in, I slowly began to miss certain features of Evernote.  I attempted to supplement Onenote with various task management apps, reminder apps, business card scanner apps, voice recorder apps…then it hit me, WHY DONT I JUST USE EVERNOTE!

Long story short, there is not a perfect note taking app, however Evernote does lead the pack.  It is incredibly intuitive, handles task management and reminders like a pro, the built in scanner app is second to none, and its cross platforn any system you can throw at it.  The one thing (and it is indeed a big thing) is the lack of Surface Pen support.  I know use both note taking apps for various things.  Any time I know I will need to use my handy Surface Pen, I bust out Onenote, and using a handy IFTT recipe, that Onenote gets sent to my Evernote.


Go ahead and give Evernote a try if you havent yet.  It’s pretty much a game changer.








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