iPhone Journalism

Everyone has heard the phrase, “It’s the quality or expense of your camera, it’s how you use it.”  This has always rung true.  Some of the greatest photos I have ever laid eyes on were taken on a phone, not on a $6,000 DSLR.   For years I have saying the same thing to my media production students.  When they are concerned about the lack of equipment, or the fact they do not own a DSLR, I simply say, “that’s fine, use your phone.”  In fact, one could argue that a phone is a better camera in many situations.  When in a “run-and-gun” scenario, it is much easier to whip out your phone, shoot the b-roll, reverse the camera and shoot your interview and send the footage, then the standard fair of hauling a multi-pound camera and tripod, setting up a shot, being a target of bystanders, and then hand delivering the footage.  It finally seems the news stations are getting the idea.

Swiss newspaper Le Temps reports that the TV station Léman Bleu made the major switch this past summer when it outfitted each reporter on the field with an iPhone 6 kit for shooting pre-recorded stories and for shooting live shots.


In terms of cost savings, flexibility, and the use of apps such as Periscope for live reporting, the switch to mobile phones is a no brainer.

Of course many issues may arise, but that is something for another post. 



Full Report and source HERE

One thought on “iPhone Journalism

  1. I’m actually making that switch in my Video Journalism course this year! All of my students have iPads, so I ordered mounts that will work with our existing tripods. They will have to use iMovie for iPad (instead of FCPX on the lab computer), but I’m looking forward to the diminished turn-around time and simplified gear-checkout process.

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